Marro Ostaris is an Braavosi Merchant who got stranded in Dorne after the ship “Sweet Girl” fell victim to the sea.

Appearance Edit

Marro isn't taller or stronger than the average Braavosi but has genuine eyes and fair hair. 

History Edit

  • 175AC: Marro is born into an fairly wealthy family of Tradesmen.
  • 181AC: He joins his father on an business trip across the sea, finding friends everywhere they would dock.
  • 183AC: Starts his education in Trade which includes learning other languages.
  • 188AC: Befriends an Captain who works with his father and who teaches him how to read maps and the games of sailors.
  • 191AC: Begins to trade from a small ship of his own.
  • 198AC: Loses most of his personal wealth and is forced to take a loan from his disappointed father.
  • 201AC: Sets off for an expedition to the South which will make him the money needed to repay his loan.

Family Edit

  • Mero Ostaris
  • Talea Mopyris
    • Marro Ostaris
    • Melora Ostaris