Mistdoor is the ancestral castle and seat of power of House Blurson,it is located on the western coast of the North into the Blur Mountains being southwest of the Wolfswood and Sea Dragon Point is northwest of the Rills, lying separated by the Stony River.The Vassal Castles of Whitered Hall, Overtime Keep as well as Footprints are South and can be reach easily by horse.

Outside the Stony Shore,Glenmore Keep located near the originins of the Stony River and Tohrren's Square are the nearest settlements,communicating by the Western Road that starts at Winterfell.

 Layout Edit

Mistdoor is one of the legendary keeps of the North,first build during the Age of Heroes as the seat of the Fisher Kings of House Fisher and posteriorly as home to the Rulers of House Blurson.

It is a complex castle which unites Westerosi and Essosi architecture combining the typical Stone Walls of the North with the Lorathi mazes.Mistdoor is located on the peak of the Blur Mountains at 600 m height,the Western Road communicate the keep with Stonymill the village down the mountains which path is in constantly flowing with activity; reaching several products and types of food that cannot be groomed on the castle's environment.

As it can be appreciated the only way of taking over the castle is with a siege,hoping that the thick walls of Mistdoor aren't provisioned with enough food if not the invaders can wait until the haze cames and try to live through hell.

Mistdoor was built taking advantage of the Thick Haze that rises naturally on the area giving the name to the Mountains as well as the castle,still ravens are trained to surpass this phenomenon being capable for the maesters to send and receive messages from the holdings.

The Castle contains a similar sistem of Warming as Winterfell being the Water piped through the walls and chambers to heat them,making Winters easier on the Blur Mountains.Inside the walls you can found courtyards and small spaces.The basic soldier training takes part on the yards and is completed on the plain terrain of the Shore.Several targets are placed on Mistdoor's walls to practice archery,being on another level of difficulty on the Winter days when fog surrounders the keep.

Inner Castle Edit

  • The Great Keep is the innermost castle and stronghold of the castle complex.Its Walls are made of Iron and is paint with the Colors of the house banner,reassembling the differences between Lorath and The North and the difficulties the Blursons have passed through to forge a new home.Connected to the Library by a covered bridge.It's a cold place.
  • The Great Hall is used for receiving guests and the place where the lord and his family would dine together,the household has their own separate table for the meals.On the outside it's covered with a huge map of the North and banners of the closest houses to the Blursons,with doors make of Ironwood and Stony Tree. Actually bigger than Winterfell it can hold 14 rows of trestle tables,where can seat more than a 1000 people.The Noble guests seat along the Lord's family on the main table.
  • The Noble's Chambers as well as their devoted servants can also be find on the inner castle right near the Great Hall,its also near the Kitchens and the Bakery all in a practical position to serve the ruling family on the most pleasure way.
  • Several alleys run towards the inner mountains,the most renowned room is the old chapel dedicated to the Blind God Boash worshipped by some members of the house until the conversion to the Old Gods.The Dungeons on the castle can also be found on the Way,being without doubt one of the coldest part of the keep.The content of the other stances remain unknown locked since ancient times.
  • Settled on later generations by Lord Rodrik "Foggy Ruler" for his wife Alina on one of the unused rooms of the castle is a humble yet respectable sept, showing the colours of House Banefort and its Hooded Man in relation to the Faith of the Seven,since her death the room is usually closed and forgotten.

Courtyard and Other Buildings Edit

  • The First Keep the oldest surviving part of the Castle,it is unknown when was built but is theorised that it was raised by one of the Fisher Kings,it holds the guest rooms being decorated by portraits of the battles won by the house.It has Snakes a top it.
  • The Central Tower albergates the Lord's Study and personal library which contains registers from the ancient keepers of the house,information that is said to only remain here.The treasury is kept down the Lord's table secret known by few trusted men.
  • The Maid's Rest is the second tower known for being the dead place of many ladies of the house being the last Lady Alina,it's a place for Blurson place containing the portraits of every generation of the house.Seeing by many as a mourning or thinking place,visit by many Lords of Mistdoor to clear their mind.
  • The Main Hall is the location of House Blurson's hight seat where abroad the chairs of the Lord's and Lady's chairs you can found the three elements of the house banner.The Way to the Old Thrones is called the "Purple Pass" in a reference to the lost blur Crown.
  • The Maester's turret is located below the the rookery.
  • The Ancient goods woods called "The Three Queens" in honor of the last three Blur Queens said to be the wisest women of their time,they remain untouched over the years.All are surrounded with a pool of black water,the only way is through a bridge. an underground hot spring feeds three small pools, with a moss-covered wall looming above them. The godswood is enclosed by walls, and is accessed by a main iron gate, or smaller wooden ones.
  • The Black Shrine center of Royal worship of the God of Mazemakers can also be found here along with it the Elder priests still guard over it even despite the official change on religion some Blur Lords still find solace on the worship of the ancient deity as if a father waiting for their children remains calmly as the world moves.Her Purple walls and paints showing the story of the Blurson dinasty supporting the religion makes it a place of study to many erudites that have the pleasure of visiting the keep.
  • The Glass Garden is a greenhouse heated by the hot springs,which turns into a place of most warmth.It used to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • The Fog Tower is connected to the rookery by a bridge.The bridge is covered and runs from the fourth floor of the tower to the second floor of the rookery.The tower also offer the clearest vision of the keep when all the environment is covered by haze.
  • The Crypt located near the First Keep is where the members of House Blurson are buried.Bigger in size to the crypt of Winterfell as a sign of the power of the Blur Kings.Here also rests the Infamous Purple Crown which contains the promise of their return to Kingship.
  • The Guards Hall is in line to the Fog Tower and further back the first keep.

Walls Edit

Mistdoor is a big castle not as huge as Winterfell but still it spanns over the Blur Mountains, defended by two massive mazes built with Northern granite all with a most between them.The outer wall is seven feet hight while the inner is less than a hundred feet tall,the location of the castle magnifies the dimensions.There are guard turrets on the outer wall and more than thirty watch turrets on the crenelated inner walls.

  • The Main Gate,have a gatehouse made of two