Narha Dothare is a Keyholder for the Iron Bank of Braavos. She is a woman of many interests and talents including; wine, gambling, art and love.

Appearance Edit

Narha's family is descended from escaped Valyrians enslaved by other more powerful Valyrians in Essaria. Her bloodline has remained mostly Valyrian from their marriages to Volantis and Lys. Her mother was a member the Rogare banking family, Narha inherited most of her looks from her maternal heritage.

Personality Edit

Narha is a free-spirited young woman, she was raised in a wealthy Braavosi family and indulged her every whim from a very early age. She is a lackluster accountant but makes up for that with her numerous hobbies, she Is constantly underestimated. She uses this to her advantage, or just disregards and drinks.  

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