Timeline Edit

  • 184: Nymah is born to Jinna of the Greenblood and an unknown father.
  • 188: After spending four years happy with her mother on the Greenblood, Jinna dies of a wasting sickness and leaves Nymah alone and homeless in Planky Town.
  • 188: Many of the other Orphans help her, give her places to sleep and food or let her ride their boats for a spell, and eventually Nymah finds herself with a new family.
  • 189: Nymah learns how to be a thief and how to move quick fingers deftly, taking money from pockets and purses.
  • 192: One night, lying on a rooftop and staring up at the sky, Nymah names herself Stargazer, and promises the stars she loves that someday she'll leave this place.
  • 194: Nymah discovers she has a talent for music and dance, and that there are easier ways to get coin than pickpocketing.
  • 195: She turns her talent for sleight of hand to magic tricks instead, though she's still a practiced thief.
  • 198: Ysha, an elderly woman who helped raise Nymah, teaches her about the potions and poisons and medicines of the Orphans when she is in her fourteenth year.
  • 200: Nymah packs a bag, says goodbye to all her friends and adopted family, and sets off for King’s Landing.
  • 201: Present day.
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