Nymerian Jordayne was born the eldest of three children to Lord Warryn Jordayne and Lady Nymella Qorgyle. A man of the people and free spirit, Nymerian has lived for adventure and to please those around him. A lover of music and all things festive, Nymerian can often be found with harp in hand and a crowd around him.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Nymerian stands at 6'1 inches tall and weighs in at around 170 lbs. He is olive of skin and fair of brow, with facial hair lacking more often than not. His hair is dark as night and its long curled strands constantly rest upon his shoulders.

His defined body is littered with various scars of all shapes and sizes - and he prides himself over each and every one. Although never seeing true combat in times of war, the scars covering his body detail the effort and risk he has taken to become one of the finest fighters in Dorne. A feat he occasional boasts of and at the expense of seeming arrogant.

Trustworthy and honest, Nymerian sees the good in everyone - even when it may be lacking. He has faith in the people around him whether they be nobility or peasant, and would not squander the lives of either easily. Taking after his father, Nymerian remains loyal to his namesake and follows House Martell unconditionally.

Timeline Edit

  • 178 - Nymerian Jordayne is born to Lord Warryn Jordayne and Nymella Qorgyle.
  • 185 - Nymerian's sister Tanselle is born. She inherits some of her grandmother's Lyseni features.
  • 187 - Nymerian's brother Alester is born. Shortly after, Nymerian begins to squire for Lord Salarin Allyrion.
  • 194 - Travels to Skyreach with Lord Salarin - whom passes naturally during their stay. Nymerian leaves with Lady Delonne Allyrion. Her horse is pounced upon by a leopard during the return to Godsgrace, maiming her leg. With broken spear in hand, Nymerian slays the beast and escorts Lady Delonne home, where he then resumes his squireship with Ser Ryon Allyrion.
  • 196 - Knighted by Ser Ryon Allyrion. Nymerian then returns to The Tor.
  • 198 - Considered a celebrity in The Tor, where people gather to watch him fight in his own gladiatorial-esque games.
  • 200 - Declares he would travel across Dorne, visiting various lords and ladies throughout the Realm. Instead he would stay at the first destination on his tour - Starfall, and begin an affair with the Lord Aerion's daughter Ysilla.
  • 201 - Nymerian departs Starfall and returns to The Tor.