Orphans of the Greenblood are the descendants of the Rhoynar who fled in Nymeria's ten thousand ships to Dorne but refused to assimilate into Dornish culture. They still mourn their lost homeland and thus call themselves 'orphans' as they have been orphaned from their 'mother', the river Rhoyne.

The Rhoynar are one of the three major ethnic groups in Westeros, though their influence is largely confined to the peoples south of the Red Mountains. Here the effect of the Rhoynar migration can be seen in nearly every aspect of life, thoroughly separating the Dornish from their northern neighbour by more than mere physical barriers.

History Edit

Origin Edit

Originally hailing from Essos, the Rhoynar - and thus, the Orphans of the Greenblood - lived in city states along the river Rhoyne, which they worshipped as goddess and mother. Famed workers of iron and practitioners of powerful water magics, these peoples spread their influence far and wide, even teaching the Andals how to work with steel and metal. Over the centuries, the power of the Rhoynar grew, and its people prospered.

Until the dawn of the Freehold. The dragonriders of Valyria quarreled with the Rhoynar, leading to two hundred and fifty years of wars between the two nations. In the end, Garin the Great and his army of 250,000 Rhoynar warriors were defeated on the field of battle by a host of Valyrian dragonriders. This was the end of the Rhoynar city states, their entire civilization undone by their foes - save for the remnant that fled with Nymeria, escaping down the river they called Mother.

Migration Edit

Nymeria led her followers on dangerous journeys to the Basilisk Isles, Sothoryos, Naath, the Summer Isles, the Stepstones, and finally Dorne in southern Westeros. Nymeria married a Dornish lord, Mors Martell of the Sandship, and helped him consolidate Dorne under his rule through Nymeria's War. Under the rule of House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear, the Rhoynar lived and intermingled with the native Dornish since that time; save for the Orphans, who still cling to the old ways.  These individuals live on rafts along the river Greenblood and consider themselves orphaned from their Mother Rhoyne. They are of pure Rhoynar blood and still speak the Rhoynish language in secret.

Culture Edit

The Rhoynar practiced a number of customs that differ from mainstream Andal culture. These included equal primogeniture, granting inheritances to the eldest child regardless of gender. They also tolerated homosexuality. Due to their origin in city-states, the Rhoynar titled their rulers Princes and Princesses. Their influence made these customs standard in Dorne as well.

The Rhoynar worshiped a number of river-themed nature gods. Their primary god was Mother Rhoyne, or Mother River, the personification of the river Rhoyne itself. Other gods include the Old Man of the River, a turtle god, and his adversary, the Crab King.

Known Members Edit

Family of the Aroyanar Edit

  • Garin of the Rhoyne, the Old Man of the Greenblood, the Aroyanar
    • m. Druselka, his first mistress in Dorne, Deceased
      • Darius, 32, Master of Planky Town
        • m. Aliandra Drinkwater, his wife
          • Edric, 3, son of Darius
          • Nysterica, 2, daughter of Darius
      • Mors, 28, captain of a poleboat and right hand of the Aroyanar
        • Several children
      • Iskierka, 18, a fiery tempered warrior woman
    • Cedra Fairhair, considered the most beautiful of Garin's 'wives'
      • Garyn, 30, an ill-tempered man not well liked in Planky Town
      • Gerris, 27, a soldier and guardsman in the Shadow City
      • Mallor, 25, a priest and scholar, forged three links on his chain before returnining
      • Deziel, 22, a performer and actor in the Painted Hall
      • Tanselle, 17, something of a beauty like her mother. Vain.
    • Ysolda of the Torrentine, a hard woman with a perpetual frown
      • Risah, 26, her only daughter, every bit the warrior her mother is. Valyrian features.
      • Selor, 23, also inherited his mother's silver hair and vibrant eyes. A singer.
    • Jynessa Dalt, Deceased
      • Casyos, 25, a once-pirate and smuggler in the Stepstones, recently returned.
      • Trystane, 18, an apprentice blacksmith and jeweler.
      • Mariya, 15, a startling beauty and pride of her father
    • Korra Belandaros, a traveller and merchant, Deceased
    • Serra of Lys, remaining in Planky Town at Garin's behest
      • Teora, 12, a helion and fiend, spoiled to the bone
      • Elia, 10, a soft, round, kindly girl, ever laughing and bubbly

Others Edit

  • Nymah Stargazer, 17, a street dancer, musician, and thief living in King's Landing.
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