Ser Preston Ball is a knight and the sole heir of Lord Quentyn Ball. Ser Preston is currently exiled from Westeros after assisting his father in the Blackwater Rebellion.

Biography Edit

169 AC: Preston is born to Lord Quentyn Ball and Lady Cecilia Ball

175 AC: Preston started his training as a squire to his father

178 AC: Lord Quentyn noticed that Preston was a natural with a sword and shield and could win duels with squires much older than him

180 AC: Preston had become a proved marksman when in combat

184 AC: By his fifteenth name day Preston had mastered the use of his sword and shield

185 AC: Preston’s mother Lady Cecilia joined the Silent Sisters to allow Lord Quentyn to be eligible for the Kingsguard

185 AC: Preston’s father Lord Quentyn was passed over for being selected as a member of the Kingsguard

186 AC: Lord Quentyn joined Aegon the Usurper in his rebellion against the throne

186 AC: Preston joined his father in the rebellion

187 AC: Preston is knighted by his father and sent to assist Ser Clayton Cole in the protection of Aegon’s son Aerion

187 AC: Lord Quentyn dies in the Battle of Blackbridge

187 AC: Preston goes with Ser Clayton and Aerion to Essos

188 AC: Preston assist Ser Clayton in the freeing of the remaining traitorous lords as they are being transported to Eastwatch

188 AC: Preston become a member of the Black Company in Essos and spends the next few years fighting with the company

197 AC: The Black Company is hired by a pirate king called The Iron King

200 AC: The Black Company turns on The Iron King he decides not to pay the company and attempts to assassinate the company's leadership

200 AC: The Black Company establishes itself in the Stepstones and declares Aerion King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea

201 AC: Preston continues to serve King Aerion who has now revealed himself to the world

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