Ravella Penrose is the eldest child of Lord Harbert Penrose and since 200 AC serves Princess Helaena Targaryen as a Lady-in-Waiting.

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Biography Edit

  • 184 AC: Born to Ser Harbert Penrose, the heir to Parchments, and his wife Lady Shireen.
  • 188 AC: Her younger brother Arstan is born, and moves her to the third rank in the line of succession.
  • 191 AC: Ravella begins to be trained for diplomacy and courtly life by Ser Harbert and Septa Mary.
  • 194 AC: A third child is born to Harbert and Shireen, Ravella’s sister Shyra.
  • 195 AC: Ravella’s grandfather Lord Endrew dies, and her father succeeds to the Lordship of Parchments.
  • 197 AC: Now a maiden flowered, Ravella begins to organise social events in Parchments with the other ladies in the castle, and soon becomes beloved by the smallfolk in the surrounding town.
  • 200 AC: Lord Harbert is named Master of Laws by King Daeron I, and the family moves to King’s Landing. Ravella becomes a Lady-in-Waiting for Princess Helaena Targaryen.
  • 201 AC: Ravella enjoys courtly life in the Capital, especially after her father is named Hand of the King. Alerie Redwyne becomes her closest friend.
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