Raymont of House Baratheon, the eldest child and heir to Storm’s End, was born midway through the fifth moon in the year 172 following Aegon’s Conquest to Lord Robar and Lady Rohanne.

Early Life Edit

His kind demeanor was noteworthy among wetnurses and septas, and he took to letters, heraldry, and history aptly, just as an heir should. The temper of the storm kings, which ran through Baratheon blood since Orys took Argella as his bride, was said to have skipped a generation in regards to Raymont.

It was when the heir was old enough to hold a sparring sword that the men of the keep knew the fury of the Baratheon line coursed through the son of their lord. Proving himself at first an agile and innovative defender, his attacking maneuvers were natural and relentless, Raymont bested boys and young men stronger, and years older, than him.

When a betrothal between Houses Baratheon and Tarth was made, the young heir left Storm’s End and was sent to ward with Lord Tarth at Evenfall Hall. His years there are said to be of fondness and appreciation for the island’s enchanting visage, and his tutelage with the Lord Selwyn Tarth was of great import to his growing maturity.

Though times on Tarth were idyllic, events in the Stormlands were anything but for Lord Robar and the marcher lords. Decades of lawless Dornish incursion, and frustration with King Daeron’s perceived obstinence, a hatred and mistrust for the crown fomented throughout the Stormlands. And where discord and vitriol grew, the Black Prince, Aegon Targaryen, found fertile soil for his cause and claim.

As the prospect of rebellion approached midway through 186, Lord Baratheon deemed Lord Tarth too reticent on the subject of Aegon’s claim. A distrust formed between the Lord Paramount and his vassal, and the former acted before his heir could become a hostage. Soon as it could be arranged, sworn guards spirited young Raymont during the hour of the wolf to a ship off the western shores of Tarth, leaving for his betrothed Senelle and her father Selwyn only a letter of rebuke and dissolution from Lord Robar. After his return to Storm’s End, Raymont squired for his father.

Rebellion Edit

The Blackwater Rebellion was not a just cause in the end. After uniting the majority of his bannermen following the Liberation of Griffin's Roost, Lord Robar Baratheon lead the Stormlords into the Kingswood to meet the crown’s forces head on. Marching behind Prince Maekar of House Targaryen, the loyalists smashed the Stormland host. The Lord Paramount was unhorsed by a kingsguard, Ser Jon Westford, and slain in single combat.

It is said that as the rout commenced, the heir, not yet five and ten, retrieved his father from the Wendwater’s edge overcome with anguish and brandished the fallen sword, and proceeded to trade several blows with Westford. The kingsguard eventually disarmed the boy, rendering him stunned, but alive, upon the river bank.

Aftermath Edit

The following moons saw ravens bearing the news of the Crown’s ultimate victory over Aegon’s remaining forces. What the ravens did not contain, however, was what bloody recompense would be demanded of House Baratheon and their fellow rebels. Fearing a siege, the lord’s brother, Barron Baratheon kept Storm’s End sealed and fortified.

After the first moon of 188 AC ended, Raymont defied his uncle, who had only grown more erratic in his mistrust and of the crown’s silence, and travelled to King’s Landing to bend the knee. His Grace received the young Lord at court and named Raymont of House Baratheon the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands without a single mention that any rebellion had taken place.

Post-rebellion Edit


Timeline Edit

172 AC: Raymont is born, the eldest child of Lord Robar and Lady Rohanne.

177 AC: Oryn Baratheon is born.

183 AC: Cyrenna Baratheon is born.

177 AC: Oryn Baratheon is born.

184 AC: He is betrothed to Lord Tarth’s daughter Senelle, and sent to ward at Evenfall Hall.

186 AC: Tarth does not support Aegon’s claim. Tensions rise and Lord Baratheon sends for his son, betroths Raymont to a daughter of House Caron instead.

186 AC: Raymont squires for his father during the Blackwater Rebellion.

187 AC: Lord Robar is slain in the Battle of Redriver.

188 AC: Lord Raymont travels to King’s Landing where he bends the knee to King Daeron I.

188 AC: Weds Jena Caron upon his return, and receives vassals swearing fealty.

188-190 AC: Tours the stormlands visiting every keep, tower, hamlet, inn, and tavern.

190 AC: Resumes his father’s work to fortify the southern borders with stone sentry towers, but progress is slow due to resources going towards Summerhall’s ongoing construction.

190 AC: Raymont returns to Tarth to attend the funeral of Lord Endrew, renews and strengthens relations with Evenfall Hall.

193 AC: Summerhall construction is completed.

195 AC: Attends the Tourney of the Great Sept. Seconds in the mêlée to Prince Baelon.

197 AC: Aids in the Dragonhunt at Sharp Point and Summerhall.

End of 200 AC: Daeron I passes. Raymont travels to King’s Landing for the funeral.
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