Rhoswyn Tyrell is the second youngest of Lord Luthor Tyrell's children, and his only daughter. Ser Alester Tyrell is her elder brother. She is currently nine and ten years of age, and resides in Highgarden with her family.

Appearance Edit

It is obvious from her posture that this woman thinks much of herself and little of the opinions of others. She is a marvelous beauty with the characteristic features of House Tyrell: thick waves of light brown hair, eyes as golden as the roses of the Reach, flawless skin and a slender yet shapely figure.

History Edit

Rhoswyn Tyrell was born in the blessed light of the Seven in the year 182 AC, the fourth child of Lord Luthor Tyrell by his wife, Clarice Meadows. She spent the majority of her childhood growing up within the dazzling walls of Highgarden, both loved and adored by all whom she chanced to meet.

Her extensive tutoring began at the age of ten. Over the span of several years, she was taught the excellence of music, singing, painting, and dancing, the latter of which she took to with almost unequaled skill among the ladies of her father’s court. She loved to practice her steps in the lavish gardens, where minstrels play their lutes and lyres from dawn until dusk each day.

As a child, Rhoswyn would often sneak out to her father's kennels to visit the hounds, and so he gifted his beloved daughter a pup of her own for her twelfth nameday in the hope that it would fill the void left by the absence of his son, Alester, whom she had confided in closely. With the help of the kennel master, Poppy was soon a trained beast and loyal companion.

Several years later, scholars from the Citadel arrived to educate the eager young woman in the laws and histories of Westeros and the Far East, as well as writing, arithmetic and a few vestiges of science. Lady Clarice and her rigid Septas continued to instruct Rhoswyn in the finery of deportment and social graces, all deemed essential for a competent highborn lady. She excelled at each of them, quickly gaining a reputation for her quick mind and impeccable manners.

As she grew older so too did her beauty flourish, and suitors began to treat with her father in droves. Many of them were turned away either by Luthor’s own disapproval or his daughter’s sheer determination to escape marriage. It seemed as though father and daughter had the same standard of worthiness where prospective husbands are concerned.

Alester would return to Highgarden in the year 197 AC with his betrothed, Lady Laurel Lannister of Casterly Rock, with whom Rhoswyn began the most amicable of friendships. Her brother reestablished the Order of the Green Hand that very same year, and it was at his behest that Ser Igon Vyrwel swore his sword in service to the youngest Lady Tyrell.

At nine and ten years of age, Rhoswyn is a splendid beauty and well-practiced in the ways of gentry. She maintains an air of confidence but never cockiness, and remains the object of adoration for many. She is among the members of House Tyrell that travel to King’s Landing to swear fealty to the new king.

Timeline Edit

  • 182 AC - Rhoswyn is born.
  • 183 AC - Her brother, Mace, is born.
  • 189 AC - Theo Tyrell dies of illness.
  • 192 AC - Her tutoring begins.
  • 194 AC - She is given Poppy.
  • 197 AC - Alester returns from the West.
  • 201 AC - Rhoswyn travels to the capital.

Family Edit

  • Luthor Tyrell - (b. 154) Lord of Highgarden, Defender of the Marches and Warden of the South
  • Clarice Meadows - (b. 159) Lady of Highgarden
    • Alester Tyrell - (b. 175) Heir to Highgarden, Knight-Captain of the Order of the Green Hand
    • Laurel Lannister - (b. 177) Alester's wife, Lady of House Lannister
      • Garlan Tyrell - (b. 198 AC) Alester's son and heir
    • Lorent Tyrell - (b. 178) Lord Luthor's second son
    • Theo Tyrell - (d. 189 AC) Lord Luthor's third son, died young of illness
    • Rhoswyn Tyrell - (b. 182 AC) Lord Luthor's only daughter
    • Mace Tyrell - (b.183 AC) The youngest of Lord Luthor's children

Recent Events Edit

  1. Mother's Mercy
  2. A Garden of Thorns
  3. The Grand Coronation Tournament of 201 AC