Robb Reyne is the uncle of Roger Reyne, the Lord of Castamere. Robb was a prominent supporter of Aegon Targaryen during the Blackwater rebellion and was considered one of the finest knights of his day.

Robb was supposedly slain in the Blackwater Rebellion during the battle before Casterly Rock, but all may not have been as it seemed.

Appearance Edit

Robb Reyne is lean and lithe. His features are chiseled, and he bears classic Reyne looks. His hair is dark brown, almost black while his eyes are the colour of emeralds. He has a scar running up the right side of his face from the bottom of his jaw all the way past his eye. He stands at five-feet-teen inches tall as weighs one hundred and fifty-five pounds.

Personality Edit

Robb is well known. His valour on the battlefield was legendary and his honour was second to none. But none save for his family and close friends knew the real Robb. Robb was a man of smooth words, and a man of unchecked ambition. Robb knows when to use honour and is calm and calculating, but he has a violent temper. He does know how to control it however, Never once in his many years of marriage did he strike his wife or children, though he slew many men. Robb is kind to his family and friends while he is brutal, violently efficient and completely devoid of compassion when dealing with his enemies. Cruel even. Robb can be manipulative and scheming when he wants to be. Robb's rivals described him using one word. Ruthless.

History Edit