Robin Webber is the current Lord of Coldmoat in the Reach, sworn to House Rowan. He has ruled since his father's passing of sickness in 197 AC. Most of his rule so far has been attempting to save his House from economic ruin as a result of the Blackwater Rebellion.

Appearance Edit

Robin carries the most identifiable trait of House Webber, sporting his red hair in a messy fashion so that it covers his ears. He is brown of eye, which possess a piercing stare known to be quite wicked. His thin lips and cheekbones give him a sinister look about him - which accurately describes him on occasion. Robin stands roughly around 5'8, and often wears a blue scarf and a red garnet pin in the shape of a spider.

Timeline Edit

  • 175 AC: Robin Webber is born to Waymar Webber and Alysanne Dunn, he would be their first and only son.
  • 180 AC: Coldmoat's maester - Eon, recognizes Robin to be sound of mind and very astute for his age.
  • 181 AC: Robin's brother Ilyn is born, yet dies a sickly infant within the year.
  • 182 AC: Coldmoat's library is ransacked. The books - telling tales of Aegon the Conqueror, as well as a sleeping Robin Webber are found in his quarters after a brief search throughout the keep.
  • 184 AC: At the recommendation of Maester Eon, Robin is sent to study at the Citadel.
  • 185 AC: Robin's sister Rohanne is born. Unfortunately their mother Alysanne perishes in childbirth.
  • 186 AC: During the Blackwater Rebellion, Robin constantly vanished from the Citadel throughout the nights. It was later found he had been raiding the kitchens and delivering them to refugees and survivors from the raids on the Shield Isles and Bandallon.
  • 187 AC: Lord Waymar Webber follows Aegon Targaryen faithfully until the end in support of his claim, which results in a near destitute House.
  • 191 AC: Robin leaves the Citadel and returns to Coldmoat. He does however decide to keep in touch with those in Oldtown whom he aided and befriended by sharing bread with during the war.
  • 195 AC: Rohanne is attacked by the stablemaster's son who was infatuated with her. As a result, Robin traveled to the nearby hamlet where the boy was hiding, and set his home aflame to lure him out. He took the Northerner's approach to justice.
  • 197 AC: Waymar Webber falls ill and succumbs to the sickness. Robin takes over the Lordship of Coldmoat.
  • 201 AC: Robin and Rohanne begin to travel to the new king's coronation, but Rohanne grows ill during travel and Robin decides to escort her back to Coldmoat before traveling to the Capitol.

Household Edit

  • Rohanne Webber, Sister: Beloved
  • Maester Eon, Maester: Revered
  • Garlan of Coldmoat, Knight: Duelist

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