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Rolland is naturally distant from the chief stereotype of a sleek and clean noble. Despite being of a quite average physical build, he makes for a formidable figure, and is usually seen unshaven and ungroomed, although he is generally not considered overly ugly or homely, as far as his visage is concerned - however, this fact is sometimes underestimated by noble community, because of the clearly vacant left temple of his head, where his ear used to reside. He is neither gentle nor tender in demeanor, which tends to influence his natural gestures and bodily language that might, as a result, seem somewhat rash and crude. His eyes are of bright green color; not piercing, but daunting and vibrant.

Biography Edit

  • 173 AC: Rolland is born to Royce Caron and Mylenda Swann.
  • 176 AC: His brother Bryce is born.
  • 183 AC: Carries his lord father’s banner to the battle for the first time when repulsing Dornish bandits and is subsequently made his squire.
  • 184 AC: He kills a man for the first time during a border skirmish with Dornishmen, using a bow.
  • 186 AC: Engages in the Blackwater Rebellion as Lord Royce’s squire, who later dies of injuries sustained in the Battle of the Red Hills. He himself loses an ear in the battle, however later, he becomes the Lord of the Marches.
  • 188 AC: Seals an alliance with the Baratheons by wedding his sister Jena off to Raymont Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End. Swears fealty to him at the wedding.
  • 193 AC: Marries Mary of the smallfolk.
  • 195 AC: Their son, Bryen Caron, is born.
  • 196 AC: Mary dies of pneumonia.
  • 197 AC: Rolland joins Prince Aenys’s party to drown his pain.
  • 200 AC: Travels to King’s Landing to attend the King's funeral.

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Family and NPCs Edit

Son/heir: Bryen Caron. Aptitude: Beloved.

Brother/castellan: Bryce Caron. Auxiliary Character. See below.

Sister: Cyrenna Caron. Aptitude: Brilliant.

Uncle/master-at-arms: Ser Pearse Caron. Aptitude: Duelist. Negative trait: Warmonger.

Cousin/bodyguard: Ser Josian Storm. Aptitude: Duelist. Negative trait: Illegitimate Bastard.

Maester: Ethon. Aptitude: Craftsman.

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