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Tall and powerfully built, the fair-skinned young Lord of Crakehall cuts an imposing figure. He’s the very double of his father in his prime, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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182AC: Ronas born to Lord Ronal Crakehall and Lady Marget Westford.

183AC: His sister Magrid Crakehall born. Also, Renly Hill is born, Ronas bastard brother.

185AC: Karin Hill born, Bastard sister.

186AC: Brother Duncon Crakehall is born.

187AC: As a child of 5, Ronas was present within walls at the siege of Crakehall. Duncon passes away.

188AC: Margella Crakehall Born, Sister.

189AC: Became a squire for Roger Reynes and first learned how to wield melee weapons, despite several attempts to get his attention to swordplay the boy had an aptitude for hammers.

190AC: Rorick Hill born Bastard Brother.

191AC: Ranold Crakehall Born. Brother.

193AC: Myra Hill Born. Bastard Sister. 194AC: His Mother suffers complications during the birth of Huron Crakehall, Huron does not survive infancy. Marget Crakehall is bedridden.

195AC: Watches at the sidelines of the Tourney at the Great Sept

196AC: Carrik Hill born Bastard brother. Fought during Battle of Lions. Kills for the first time.

197AC: Watched as his craven Lord Uncle Mace Crakehall was Executed following the Battle of Lions. His Father, Ronal Crakehall becomes Lord of Crakehall, he is Ronal’s Heir.

198AC: Was knighted by Roger Reynes

199AC: Renly Hill found dead beyond the walls of Crakehall. Rumoured to be murdered by his father following a disagreement.

200AC: Competed in the Melee at a Tourney. Morra Hill. Bastard Sister and Niece born from Old Ronal coupling with his eldest bastard daughter Karin Hill.

201AC: As the contestants begin to travel to the Coronation Tournament, the Crakehall’s are delayed by news of a reaving vessel spotted off of the coast,

The story as told by witnesses was that on the way to investigate the Reavers claim a wild boar startles Lord Crakehall’s horse, causing the lord to be cast from the saddle, in the beasts panic Ronal Crakehall was trampled and kicked in the head, later dying from his injuries.

In truth, Lord Ronal Crakehall was killed by his eldest son Ronas, in retribution for abuses of Ronal’s children suffered at his hands. The small band of men at arms, Loyal to Young Ronas - having suffered similarly under the Old Man, swore fealty to their new Lord.

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Uncle: Mace Crakehall (b.159AC d.197AC) Aptitude: Saboteur

Father: Ronal “Old Ronal” Crakehall (b.162AC d. 201AC) Aptitude: Tough, Negative Trait: Warmonger.

Mother: Marget Westford. (b.161AC) Aptitude: Shrewd. Negative Trait: Sickly, Permanent Injury.

Aunt: Rona Myatt nee Crakehall (b. 160AC) Aptitude: Adaptable

Father's Mistress: Junah Hill (b.168AC) Aptitude: Attractive.

Sister: Magrid Crakehall. (b.183AC) Aptitude: Brilliant.

Brother: Duncon Crakehall. (b.186AC d.187AC) Aptitude: -

Sister: Margella Crakehall. (b.188AC) Aptitude: -

Brother: Ranald Crakehall. (b.191AC) Aptitude: -

Brother: Huron Crakehall. (b.194AC d.194AC) Aptitude: -

Bastard Brother: Renly Hill (b.183AC d.199AC) Aptitude: Tough

Bastard Sister: Karin Hill (b.185AC) Aptitude: Charismatic

Bastard Brother: Rorick Hill (b.190) Aptitude: -

Bastard Sister: Myra Hill (b.193AC) Aptitude: -

Bastard Brother: Carrick Hill (b.196AC) Aptitude: -

Bastard Sister/Niece: Morra Hill (b.200AC) Aptitude: -

Maester Melwyr. Aptitude: Venerable

Steward/Cousin: Manley Westford. Aptitude: Brilliant

. (A/C)Castellan: Dawlin Myatt Aptitude: Shrewd]