Rowena Rambton is the Lady of House Rambton, the only surviving child of the deceased Lord Leo Rambton and Rebecca Staunton. When she was young, she would play with her older brother who always made time for her. Rowena is known in her groups to be loyal, friendly, and curious. Her parents never let her concern herself with political issues, assuming their son would be heir to Rambton — but they were mistaken. Due to unforeseen circumstance, Rowena was made heir. Now, at 18, her sickly mother has vacated the role of Lady Regent and named her daughter Lady of Rambton.

Appearance and Character Edit

Rowena is a very tall young woman, with chestnut brown hair and brown almond eyes. She dresses like the common ladies of Rambton and their neighboring houses often dress, oftentimes in beige textiles. Despite her age, she has a powerful yet kind face - mostly due to her sudden and abrupt upbringing and rise to heir.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Rowena Rambton was born to Leo Rambton and Rebecca Staunton in the First Moon of the year 400 AC. Rowena was an inquisitive girl, who was much more interested in befriending the commoners in town than learning about noble matters. Rowena would often spend her days talking to the farmers and listening to the numerous stories her Grandmother would tell her of the olden days. Because she had an elder brother, her parents thought little of educating her on every little aristocratic affair, because they always anticipated her older brother Robert would be the one to inherit House Rambton. Despite the little regard for her political know-how in their family, Rowena was a diligent student. Oftentimes, she would spend hours on end reading and writing stories about the royal families and dreaming about the childishly romantic stories she had heard of throughout her childhood.

Adolescence Edit

Rowena’s childhood was not all fun and games, however. Rowena’s days of innocent dawdling came to a halt in the year 407, when both her father Leo and her brother Robert died in The Mummer’s War when she was only 7 - perishing at The Encounter at Massey's Hook. With her brother Robert now dead, and the role of Lord vacant, her mother Rebecca took the reigns and became Lady Regent. However, the House itself was in a precarious position, as now its well versed heir had switched hands to a uninformed child heiress. The years they had spent ignoring Rowena’s stately education had now turned to urgently teaching Rowena everything that would eventually be required of her as Lady of Rambton. Rowena did her best to learn all she could to do her family proud, mostly at the hands of watching her mother lead in her father’s stead.

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Rowena's mother always suffered from bouts of depression and frequent epileptic fits, but still ruled with grace and diligence. That same dutiful ruling was always something Rowena admired, taking note of how often Rebecca would suffer through the pain to attend to her duties as regent. Rowena's mother showed courage, especially during times of war and the sudden death of her husband and son. With help from their close friends they found in House Rosby and House Harte, Rebecca was successfully able to continue to protect her house and her heir, Rowena. Rowena took note of this, and vowed to remember all those who helped her mother. Her mother instilled in her daughter the importance of loyalty, as the Rambton's were always known to be extremely loyal to those who they've sworn fealty. Her mother's trusted allies, Lord Duncan Harte as well as the late Lord Benedict Rosby and Lady Belinda Rosby.

Adulthood Edit

Rowena's mother Rebecca's health had increasingly diminished since she took the throne and pushed herself harder and harder to rule in an honorable way to teach her daughter, the heir of Rambton, what a ruler is meant to be. Teaching her integrity, loyalty, and how to rule with candid influence did a number on Rebecca's already poor health. The seizures continued to worsen, meanwhile her daughter was subsequently rising into her prime. Flowering into an attractive eligible woman of age of suitors, and having ardently learned the way of ruling, her mother grew more and more unable to be a suitable ruler. Knowing Rowena would do her best to rule as she had been taught, and knowing she was surrounded by people who could help her like trusted lords and her close cousin Mabel Harte, Rebecca knew it was time to abdicate her regency to Rowena, who she felt would be able to suitably rule in Ramshorn.


Rowena, having been made Lady of House Rambston only shortly after turning ten-and-eight, was scared of failing her mother. Rowena was never the intended heir, but she now felt the need to prove herself as a suitable leader. Although she was worried about her mother's worsening health, something inside of her told her that she could do it, but she was happy to have so many people helping her along. Now the sole, unwed ruler, she would do her best to make her late father and brother proud and prove that she was able to do more than read books and quietly let her mother rule. It was her time now.

Recent Events Edit

Family Edit

  • Leo Rambton, father, late Lord of Rambton ( 365 AC - 407 AC )
  • Rebecca Staunton, mother. ( 369 AC - )
  • Robert Rambton, brother, late Heir of Rambton. ( 380 AC - 407 AC )
  • Bethany Rambton, aunt. ( 383 AC - )
  • m. Harold Harte, aunt's husband. ( 375 AC - )
    • Mabel Harte, cousin. ( 397 AC - )

Household Members / NPC's Edit

  • Rebecca Staunton, mother.
  • Septa Gwen
  • Maester Lukas
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