Lord Russ Blurson,also called "The Stormbound" or "Protector of the North" is the Lord of Blurson and a hero of the Blackwater Rebellion thought punish by the Starks for his actions the Northerners still have a huge respect for him.His brother Albar Blurson serves as Master of Coin on the King's Landing.Russ was given the position of Master of Ships of the North after the Ironborn Invasion.

 Appearance and Personality Edit

Russ is quite a little man,his brother Albar towers over him.Russ' face is often described as White as the Haze itself,his eyes are black.As a martial man his personality is cold and distant with strangers but warm towards family and friends.Russ thoughts about legitimacy and birth are absolute looking over lowborn nobles and bastards believing them as unworthy and treacherous people.His light brown hair comes after his father Pryce.

A man of fierce loyalties,he is willing to accomplish any task for the Stony Shore and his ambition.He is a proud man who is said to live in the past.

Biography Edit

Lord Russ Blurson was born the second son of Lord Pryce Blurson and Lady Emma Flint.From an early age Russ has shown interest on martial disciplines his weak point was wielding a bow which he never master.

His father's dream cost the life of his elder brother Nando,the colonization of the Frozen Shore was not as easy as he thought.Later his father would tell him about the events that happened when they arrive on the peninsula,the men of the frozen Shore showed hospitality to them and let them stayed on the chief's house.But it was all a trick and when Pryce woke up he found all his men slaughtered and Nando's head was being held by the chief of the tribe.

His father was able to scape and sail back to the Stony Shore but the scar of the things lived on the expedition will be inherited by Russ.Pryce also got the Winter Fever on Wildling lands dying not far from the events.

Russ was proclaimed Lord of Mistdoor and Lord of the Blur Mountains at the age of 16,the succession was a hard one;Russ was a secondborn himself he was trained for being a soldier not rulership and the bannermen sense that as well.The circle was simple and predictable,with every Rebellion came an end Houses Lightfoot,Overton and Holt swore to obey the rulership of the young lord.

Despite winning Russ would apologize to every one of the bannermen for the loses on the Frozen Shore giving to each one of them money to ease their pain,House Blurson also recovered the bodies as a sign of respect and conciliation.

At the age of 20,Lord Russ married Lady Bethany Blackwood as he met her when the House Blackwood came to the North to the Tourney of Winterfell.Russ never popular to the opposite sex was approach by the young Lady Bethany who asked him for a dance.Russ will nearly fall at a start but thanks to her he remained up thanks to the kind lady.This would symbol their whole relationship ending with their future marriage.

Under the rule of Russ a long peace reign on the Shore but Lord Blurson also participated in the intrigues of the court at Winterfell,seeing as an ambitious man every opportunity to undermine Stark Rule worthy.By this time his little brother Albar was accused of stealing money abusing of his position as treasurer of the Stony Shore,Russ was willing to pardon him but after the accusations of the Bannermen that he was behind the rebellions(he instigate them)Albar's fate was exile,Russ always a softer family person gave him a ship and allow him to choose his new home.

In truth Albar would remain an informant to the House,giving his brother Russ information about the Dornish situation and King's Daeron actions.When the king decided to raise the taxes to buit his "Great Sept",Russ was one of the lords that spit at the decision giving him the nickname "Green Dragon".

As all people knew a conflict was about to start,the rise of the pretender Aegon Targaryen "The Black Prince" meant nothing to Mistdoor but the caos that the North would take could prove an advantage to the ambitious Lord Blurson.Albar was named Master of Coin at the capital,making House Blurson's loyalty uncertain in both the North and the South.

But being in the North didn't mean more safety and the Blurson forces along with the newly built Haze fleet to take part on The Defeat of Blazewater,giving the Ironborn their first defeat on the North.

Russ would earn his nickname "The Stormbound" on the defence of Sea Dragon Point along with Lord Tallhart,using the fear of the Ironborn to seal's oil spreading it among their soldiers and when a storm broke out the islanders fear that the Blursons were bound to the Storm God and fled in disguise to Bear Island.

After the conflict House Blurson took over Sea Dragon Point claiming legitimacy on their de jure conquest on the age when the Blursons ruled as Blur Kings.Russ Blurson's only hobby besides weapons and war was reading History Books and Mistdoor's library was not short on them.From a long time Lord Russ has boasted about his family past and now he was willing to recover his linage glory.

A token garrison was sent to Bear Island as a distraction to the other lords of the North(Seemed that they were defending) while House Blurson continued his conquest over the North.The Blursons along the Tallhart invade the Southern Wolfswood claiming the holdings of Houses Bole,Branch and Woods as their own.

By the moment the invasion of Ironrath was planned,Lord Tallhart asked for Russ help defending Tohrren's Square and with the help of the most advanced Northern force lead by Lord Dustin they hold the Territory.When the Starks came North they were busied pudding the Greyjoy out that they dismissed the Blurson Conquest as a meanigless movement but when Houses Bolton,Dustin and Karstarks joined their cause the Wolf became worried.

The aftermath after the claiming of the Rills was the Battle of the Woods one of the bloodiest events during the Blackwater Rebellion, thought the Blursons lost the hearts of the people were divided.And that became patent when the Smallfolk and Lords of Sea Dragon Point and Stony Shore raised to defend the shatter Lord Blurson.The death of his first son and heir Robb has turned Russ into a broken man but despise of the Starks attempts of capturing Lord Blurson,they would only get one thing blood.

Fearing more conflict between bannermen House Stark pardoned Lord Russ but stripped him of all the lands he earned by conquest and forced him to led the Wardenship of his second son to Lord Brandon,the lord paramount of the North.Still truth is said that Lord Blurson's schemes has never end and the Haze loyalists are preparing a new Rebellion...