Ser Ryon Tarly is the third-born son of Addam Tarly and Margaery Ashford. He is what most consider to be a Tourney Knight, but is more than capable to engage in combat if needed.

Appearance Edit

Ryon Tarly wears his hair short and sports a cropped beard. His eyes are a dark brown, could appear black in the right light, along with a small ring of emerald green encircling his pupils. If anyone stares into his eyes, the ring is quite noticeable. Ryon's clothes consist of mostly greens and reds, and his jewelry consists mainly of emeralds and rubies with the rare piece of onyx thrown in.

Personality Edit

Ryon, for the most part is your average knight. He is chivalrous, kind, and loving. However, if you happen on his bad side he will become an entirely different person. Ryon's anger usually is channeled through practice sessions in the yard, or through hunts.

History Edit

As a young boy, Ryon was not given much attention. His twin sister Roslin often would be the only one who would give him the time of day. Thus the two are closer than other siblings to this day.

During the Blackwater Rebellion, his father declared for the Black Dragon. The Dornish saw an opportunity while the Reach was busy supporting Aegon in war and attempted to invade. Addam, however, foresaw this happening and rode out to meet the Dornish in battle. During this time, Ryon and Roslin became closer as they only felt safe around each other with the threat of a Dornish siege looming uncomfortably close.

After his father won against the Dornish, he did not return to Horn Hill. Instead, he rode out to Highgarden. Soon after though, he returned instead of marching to King's Landing. Addam never revealed the reason why he returned to Ryon, but insisted it was a mutual agreement and he wanted to spend the remaining days of the war with his family. Addam and Ryon's elder brothers began training him in the yards. His elder brothers joined for their own sadistic pleasure, however.

A few years later, Ryon and Roslin began sneaking out at night together and exploring the mountains and hills surrounding Horn Hill. During one night, they were ambushed by a mountain lion and luckily saved by one of their father's guards who had been following them for some time. In exchange for the guards silence on the matter, Ryon and Roslin agreed to stop sneaking out. At least, stop sneaking out at night.

Ryon partook in the Tourney of the Great Sept in 195 AC. However, he placed third in the melee, bested only by Lord Raymont Baratheon and Prince Baelon Targaryen. Ryon was knighted soon after by Raymont Baratheon for his respectable performance in the melee. Since he was now knighted, Ryon signed himself up for the joust. Since it was his first time, however, he was defeated early in the lists by Alester Tyrell, the heir to Highgarden.

After the tourney, Ryon met Rohanne Peake, twin sister of Lady Rowan Peake. The two hit it off immediately, thus beginning an affair between the two that continues to this day. Over the next years to come, the two would often meet up, making a minimal effort to hide it.

In 196 AC, Alester Tyrell called for volunteers to assist in the Westerlands civil war. Ryon, of coursed, jumped on the opportunity. During the campaign, he assisted in the sieges of Crakehall and Cornfield. Upon war's end, he was inducted into the Order of the Green Hand by Alester Tyrell himself. After the host dropped prisoners off at Casterly Rock, they returned home to the Reach.

Two years later during the Dragonhunt, Ryon wanted nothing more than to see Cannibal in person. The allure of seeing such a massive beast was too much to pass up. Ryon left Horn Hill without permission and rode east. Though he never was able to see the beast, he did spot a Dornish raiding party headed through the Princes Pass just east of Nightsong. Ryon rode back home, but not before stopping at Starpike to visit Rohanne Peake, and informed his father who quickly sent word to the surrounding keeps, but did not forgive Ryon for leaving without permission.

A year later in 198 AC, Rohanne Peake gave birth to Ryon's bastard son Garth Flowers. Ryon goes on to claim the boy as his own son, disregarding any consequences that come along with having a bastard.

Two more years later, Ryon joined his father and elder brothers in defeating a Dornish raiding party spotted by House Caron.

Present Day Edit

Ryon travels to King's Landing to partake in the tourney. While he is not in mourning for the King, as his father instilled a disdain for the monarch, he still attended the funeral and will attend the coronation of King Jaehaerys.