The Sons of Stone were a Mountain Clan living in the Vale.They were destroyed by the forces of House Egen and House Arryn. At one point they were connected to the Mountain Clan known as the Stone Crows, The exact date of their separation is unknown, it is assumed around 188 AC.

History Edit

Sometime in the late 180's a division formed within the Stone Crows. A struggle for leadership formed after the death of the death of their unquestioned Chief. Two men with vastly different ideas for the Stone Crows emerged, brothers Reyk and Cheyk. Cheyk the elder was concerned with the survival of his kinfolk, where Reyk wanted to strike the Andal invaders and retake the land of their ancestors.

The division caused the Stone Crows to split, though the majority of First-men followed the safer Cheyk, leaving the most zealous members to follow Reyk. The band of wildlings named him Reyk of the Stone, it's assumed that this moniker helped shape the name of their splinter organization.

War Against Ninestars Edit

The first attacks against the men of the Vale came near the seat of House Templeton. At first the raids were nothing unusual for people of the Vale. Wildlings had always been somewhat troublesome here and there. It was the frequency at which the Sons of Stone would set ambushes. The attacks were still taken lightly up until the Knight of the Ninestars was slain during an ambush set by the Reyk and his Stone men. The body of the Knight was dismantled and sent back to the seat of House Templeton as a threat, though the Knights sword was never recovered. The House sent ravens to the Eyrie in hopes that House Arryn would intervene, and they would.

House Arryn and Egen Intervene Edit

The Lord of the Vale sent soldiers along with Egen soldiers to Ninestars. The forces were lead by Ser Robar Egen, a Knight that had served the Vale honorably for many years. He had experience fighting the Burned Men Clan of Mountain men in his youth. He was the most likely choice to lead the forces on behalf of the Vale, to deliver the King's Justice. The Sons of Stone moved back into the mountain where they believed the Knights of the Vale would not follow, they were wrong. Under command of Ser Robar, the Knights followed the treacherous path into the mountain.

The fighting was bloody for both sides, the Sons of Stone had a distinct advantage when it came to the terrain. The first few months of the campaign saw significant losses to the Knights of the Vale, it was only when they adapted to the fighting style of the wildlings did they make up ground. Arryn and Egen forces pushed the Sons back all the way to their homes where the primitive huts were set ablaze by the soldiers. Ser Robar gave no mercy to the wildlings and would allow none be given by his men, anyone who disobeyed the command to kill the wildlings was condemned a traitor and executed by Ser Robar himself.

The Stone Crows would eventually join the battle near the end of the campaign after learning the Sons of Stone village had been raized to the ground. The Stone Crows however, fearfully retreated further into the mountain after seeing the devastation levied unto the Sons of Stone. Ser Robar knew he didn't have the numbers or resources to give chase and declared the war over. Ninestars had been freed from the raids of the Sons and the other Mountain Clans grew less hostile over the next few years due to the fear of another Sons of Stone campaign.

The Spear of Chief Reyk of the Stone was brought back to the Eyrie and displayed as a trophy for all the Lords of the Vale to see.

Timeline Edit

  • 188 AC - The Sons of Stone are formed.
  • 189 AC - The Sons of Stone begin attacking House Templeton of Ninestars.
  • 192 AC - The Knight of Ninestars is slain.
  • 193 AC - House Arryn and Egen send soldiers to eliminate the Sons of Stone Mountain Clan.

Known Combatants Edit

  • Reyk of the Stone (Deceased)
  • Prince Baelon Targaryen (squire)
  • Ser Robar Egen
  • Ser Jon Grafton (Deceased)
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