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    Sortimer decked out for battle

    165 AC: Born in Riverrun to an unknown father and mother
  • 174 AC: Sneaked into a castle and met Ser Franc Daljeon of Riverrun. He taught him how to wield a blade.
  • 181 AC: Ser Franc Daljeon dies of a sickness and he is chased away, forced to live on the streets, with only his sword, Dulbaen.
  • 185 AC: Leaves Riverrun with a band of twenty men, with an idea in his head, of a merc group called the Teeth.
  • 194 AC: After almost a decade of thieving, Sortimer has thirty thousand silver coins and he buys armor and horses and weapons for his 79 man group of ragtag mercenaries and forms the Teeth.
  • 201 AC: He has a group of 150 men and banners and a reputation to answer for it.

Sortimer was born to a man and a woman, of which the identities are unknown to him. He survived on the slums of Riverrun by stealing and begging until he was old enough to steal better. When he was 9 he sneaked into a castle, and was cought by a knight. The knight's name was Franc Daljeon. Franc, instead of beating him and turning him in to the city guard, taught him how to wield a sword and shoot a bow Sortimer had it quite easy for the next 7 years. 

When he was 16, Ser Franc died of an illness and, without anyone to protect him, he was chased off, and was back to square one. At least he had his sword and bow with him. When he turned 20 he left Riverrun to newer prospects and had 20 thieves with him. 

In 194, he met the man named Philyp and they became quick and good friends, as Philyp the Warlord provided quite the amount of money from his House. Next year, he met Dara Lorgrind in Saltpans who owned a brothel there. He made a deal with her, and now, his men double the business in her brothel and a fourth of the income goes to the Teeth.

7 years later, Sortimer has grown to have 150 men at his command and controls one of the larges merc groups in the Riverlands. In the Teeth, the political power he holds is only matched by that of Philyp, who has a cohort of 70 men.


Sortimer owns his sword, Dulbaen and his bow, which is named Lifesbane, quite unoriginally. He is quite the shady type, and is known for betraying the oaths he makes. He is a ruthless cutthroat and generally not a good person, but that is what lets him be successful in the world of theives. Men in the Riverlands come to him often, as the Teeth are unmatched in the Riverlands in number and coin. Although the men in the group are quite the unsavory type.