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  • 167AC: Talxaq is born in Tall Trees Town.
  • 175AC: Talxaq starts to train as a bowman with the great golden wood bows of the Summer Islands.
  • 185AC: The third son of a poor fishing family Talxaq joins the crew of a merchant vessel and travels the known world.
  • 190AC: After years of service aboard the Stately Queen Talxaq had become an expert bowman of feared accuracy. His craft had been honed by countless pirate attacks and lazy afternoons practicing on the deck of the Swanship. He was also adept in the skills of a sailor at port. He knew a hundred people at every dock in the world and would speak with them as if they were childhood friends. And when they played at dice he would win more often than not, usually on account of a quick eye and quicker hand rather than any luck.
  • 193AC: Talxaq had everything he could wish out of life except for one thing: a wife. True, in the manner of his people he had a place to dock his ship every night but no one to he would spend the rest of his life with. That was until his captain introduced his daughter to the crew of the Stately Queen. Talxaq was immediately lovestruck and immediately set out to woo her much to the anger of his captain. Marooned at the first port the swanship called at Talxaq was left alone in a strange land, Westeros.
  • 197AC: Using his contacts in Oldtown Talxaq set himself up as a wandering tourney archer, becoming mildly famous and rich to boot. Though it was inglorious work it was nothing to turn his nose up at. Finally though a chance at something greater came. Recognising his ability with a bow a Targaryen prince offered him service with their house, a chance to live in a mighty castle and meet the greatest people of the Seven Kingdoms. Talxaq accepted the opportunity on the spot.

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