The Annals of History are the collective events, occurrences, and happenings in both Dorne and the Seven Kingdoms, beginning from the year 201AC. For information about the changes made to canon prior to this period, please see our Major Changes page.

Prelude Edit

The year is 201AC, and Westeros mourns her king. Daeron Targaryen, First of His Name, is dead, passing peacefully in his sleep as the previous year drew to a close. Though Daeron now finds peace in the arms of the Seven, the Seven Kingdoms he sought to unite still bear the scars of his legacy.

Daeron's rule was long and tumultuous, full of war and betrayal, rebellion and oppression - but steady justice as well, dispensed from the King himself and a long line of steady Hands. His grandson, Jaehaerys, now rises to sit the Iron Throne; though the realm beneath him is only a dozen years removed from a bitter civil war, that saw neighbour war against neighbour as the Red dragons fought against the Black.

Now the realm knows peace, though perhaps only for a time. With Dorne to the south still independent, Aegon's Conquest is yet incomplete. Many still yearn to avenge those lives that were brutally taken forty years earlier, when the sons and daughters of the Rhoynar cast off their Valyrian rulers. The Red Mountains mark the line between Seven Kingdoms and a lone Principality - but the legacy of House Targaryen commands even here, as dark wings unfurl with a song of fire and blood.

As the realm gathers for the coronation of a new king, tensions soar to new heights. The faces are new, and the names have all changed - but the game of thrones is as it's always been. And here, in Westeros, and in Dorne, and across the Narrow Sea -

You win, or you die.

The Seven Kingdoms Edit

The events, occurrences, and major conflicts in the Seven Kingdoms during the current Era, after the Blackwater Rebellion in 187AC.

The Crownlands Edit

Liege Lord: King Jaehaerys Targaryen, of House Targaryen, in King's Landing

The rebellion saw houses from the Crownlands fight on either side of the line, notable Blacks including the men of Crackclaw Point, the Darklyns, and the Celtigars. In the end all bent the knee, returning to the crown's good graces. Six years later, in 193AC, the Great Sept of Baelor was completed - smallfolk and nobles from across the realm attending to see the grand unveiling, and witness the enormous tourney held in King's Landing.
Five years later, in 197, the dragon known as Cannibal roared forth from the Dragonmont, laying waste to Dragonstone. After an extended chase the beast was driven into the Red Mountains - though only at the cost of the Crown Prince's life. Aenys Targaryen perished in 197AC.
Since then, the region has been quiet - grand events and terrible conflicts both giving way to the steady quiet of normal life. Until a warm spring day in 200AC - when King Daeron I Targaryen breathed his last.

Current Events Edit

Currently, all who reside in the Crownlands are invited to the capital for the coronation of the new king. Long live King Jaehaerys Targaryen, Second of his Name!

The Stormlands Edit

Ruler: Lord Paramount Raymont Baratheon, of House Baratheon, in Storm's End

Recent years have seen the Stormlands prosper, though the scars of past wars still draw lines between many houses. Raids between Dorne and the Marches to the south have only somewhat slowed, forces traveling north and south of the border to sow havoc and violence both. The Marcher Lords have yet to slacken their vigilance, keeping a firm eye upon the south - aided by the recent construction of Summerhall in 195AC.
Current Events
With the recent death of King Daeron I, all lords of the Stormlands have been invited to King's Landing - to mourn the passing of the man who conquered Dorne, and to attend the coronation of his successor.

The Reach Edit

Ruler: Lord Paramount Tyrell, of House Tyrell, in Highgarden

The Tyrells proved Aegon's most stalwart allies in the uprising, despite many assuming they lacked the stomach for rebellion. Though they bent the knee after the Battle of Blackbridge, their coffers still bear the burden of royal displeasure.
Dornish raids strike here, too, in a land as green and fertile as that southern kingdom is the opposite. Though the Tarlys and Peakes keep the borders secure, within the region not all is perfect. Daeron's rule saw many from the Reach forgotten, the Targaryen King more focused upon the construction of his sept and the rearing of his children. Perhaps a new king on the Iron Throne will see relations restored - though the dead still cry out from the Boneway, more than one Reachman's murder as of yet unavenged.

Current Events Edit

The whole of the Reach has been invited to attend the coronation of King Jaehaerys II Targaryen, and the celebratory tournament being thrown in King's Landing to honour his grace's ascension.

The Westerlands Edit

Ruler: Lady Jeanne Lannister, of House Lannister, in Casterly Rock

The Riverlands Edit

Ruler: Lord Paramount Tully, of House Tully, in Riverrun

Aegon's Revolt saw much of it's fighting take place in the Riverlands, battles waged from the Red Fork to the Green. Between the Battle of the Fords and the Battle at High Heart, thousands lost their lives in 187AC, the land of the Trident once more the battleground for the realm.
Since war's end, however, peace has ruled the Riverlands. Save for a few bandits and rebels who plagued the roads as always, the rule of the Tullys has rarely been so quiet.
Rumours do abound, however, of bastards and princes both. Aegon spent much of his life in the Riverlands, especially toward the end - his love for women and lack of morals both famous from the Twins to Stony Sept. Those of his blood have largely been wiped out - but baseborn children undoubtedly exist, living quiet lives in something close to obscurity. Though some say one leads a band of marauders along the Blue Fork, the Bastards of the Black Dragon are largely unknown.

Current Events Edit

The whole of the Riverlands has been invited to attend the coronation of King Jaehaerys II Targaryen, and the celebratory tournament being thrown in King's Landing to honour his grace's ascension.

The North Edit

Ruler: Lord Stark, of House Stark, in Winterfell

The North has seen hard times in the past few decades, suffering through the Seven's Saction and two wars beside. Abandoning Aegon and his war early to defend themselves from the Kraken's Conquest, the North has been warring as recently as 191AC. When at last the reavers fled their shores, thousands were dead or lost - and hundreds of wildlings roamed the North, sweeping through the Gift.
The Starks and their vassals have done their best to reclaim their lands, fighting off the invaders from Beyond the Wall and restoring the strength of the Watch in Shadow Tower. Though most have now been driven back to their frozen homeland, a few still roam the south - with rumours spreading of further invasions, as tribes slowly make their way south to see if the legends of an open gate are true.

Current Events Edit

With the passing of King Daeron the North, too, is summoned south for the coronation of King Jaehaerys Targaryen.

The Vale Edit

Ruler: Lord Arryn, of House Arryn, in the Eyrie

Stalwart supporters of King Daeron and the Reds, the Arryns and their vassals have seen peaceful times since the Rebellion in 187AC. A harsh defeat at the hands of the North but subsequent victories in the south saw the Valemen return home in triumph, though the glory of victory was not to last.
in 188AC, the tribe of Mountain Clansmen known as the Stone Crows split apart after the previous chieftain's death left them divided. One of the successor clans - known as the Sons of Stone - launched a series of attacks against the people of the Vale. Though eventually the Arryns would prove victorious, aided in part by young Prince Baelon Targaryen, the cost of life was high, and many hundreds were slain or wounded.

Current Events Edit

As the new year dawns the Vale marches once more - though this time, in peace, as they gather to celebrate the crowning of Daeron's heir, King Jaehaerys Targaryen.

The Iron Islands Edit

Ruler: Lord Greyjoy, of House Greyjoy, in Pyke

The past two decades have seen the rise and fall of the Ironborn, who conquered swathes of the North between 187 and 191AC. The Kraken's Conquest, also called the Ironborn Invasion of the North, involved men and women from across the bellicose archipelago, who landed in their thousands to reave and plunder from Flint's Finger to Bear Isle.
Though the Northmen at last cast their foes from their shores, the Sack of Shadow Tower largely turning the tide of public opinion against the Ironborn, the Greyjoys and their vassals are far from defeated. Bringing home hundreds of thralls and thousands in plunder, the lumber sent back to the Iron Islands was enough to float a hundred new longships, while the wealth filled a half hundred coffers to bursting.

Current Events Edit

With the death of King Daeron in 200AC, the Ironborn have been invited to King's Landing, should they wish to attend the coronation of the new Targaryen King.

Dorne Edit

Ruler: Prince Martell, of House Nymeros Martell, in Sunspear

Dorne has enjoyed a series of strong Martell Princes and Princesses, ruling the desert peninsula with a unified resistance toward the peoples across the Red Mountains. The Prince of Dorne has had a steady rule these past years, trade with the east growing stronger ever since the chaos of the civil war in 187AC disrupted much of the Seven Kingdom's wealth. Rumoured powers to the east have also reached out to Dorne in hopes of gaining their support in another endeavour - as magisters in Lys, Tyrosh, and Myr discuss the possibility of reforming the Triarchy, and setting out once more to dominate the Stepstones.

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