The Blacks is a collective name for those houses, peoples, and individuals who supported Aegon the Usurper in his revolt against King Daeron Targaryen in 186AC.

Some lords still claim to be members of this group, though such action is generally kept secret.

History Edit

Though not actually named until the start of the war, Aegon's support among the lords of Westeros began over a decade before. Following the Dornish revolt in 161AC, Daeron was largely unwilling to condemn or even acknowledge any sort of aggression from their southern neighbour. Raids increased, without the knowledge of the Prince of Dorne, and the Marcher lords grew increasingly frustrated with the inaction of the Iron Throne.

Hand of the King Viserys Targaryen dispatched his son, Aegon, on a mission to the marcher lords. He was tasked with re-affirming their loyalty to Daeron, and assuring them that the royal family was not blind to their plight. Rather than winning their loyalty towards his cousin, however, Prince Aegon won it for himself, his harsh condemnation of the Dornish and decisive, martial attitude winning him favour in the south. Many lords turned to him to voice their concerns in court, as he feared neither rebuke nor reprimand, and in time he came to be seen as the counter-balance to the King, and the main voice of - in some eyes - reason.

The War Edit

After war broke out, the Blacks raised their banners in earnest to support their king. The Starks, Tyrells, and Baratheons were his most powerful supporters, though the Northmen sided with him for reasons largely their own. Across Westeros lords great and small joined with the Black Dragon and his rebellion, turning what might have otherwise been a small, localized revolt into a civil war large enough to rival the Dance.

Since the war's end, asking a man if he fought for the Black dragon or the Red is often seen as a discourteous and dangerous question.

Members during the Rebellion Edit

The Stormlands Edit

  • House Baratheon
  • House Caron
  • House Connington
  • House Dondarrion
  • House Cole
  • House Fell
  • House Grandison
  • House Selmy

The Reach Edit

  • House Tyrell

The Westerlands Edit

The Riverlands Edit

  • House Lothston
  • House Lychester
  • House Cox
  • House Roote
  • House Strickland
  • House Bracken
  • House Vance of Atranta
  • House Whent
  • House Wode
  • House Grell

The Crownlands Edit

  • House Darklyn
  • House Darke
  • House Goode
  • House Brune
  • House Crabb
  • House Staunton
  • House Cave
  • House Chelsted

The Vale Edit

  • House Sunderland
  • House Borrell
  • House Torrent
  • House Longthorpe

The North Edit

  • The large majority of Northern Houses sided with Aegon the Black Dragon

More Information Edit

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