The Coup of Lannisport, or otherwise known as The Battle for Lannisport, or The Lannisport Uprising, was the first major conflict between both sides of the Battle of Lions, and is commonly cited as the official beginning of the war, resulting in incredible damage to Lannisport structures, the death of Lord Tytos Lannister of Lannisport, and the kidnapping of the rest of his family.

Prelude Edit

Though Lannisport had seen peace for some time, the ever-shifting political climate of the city had left the noble and merchant houses pitted against one another, in a never ending, vicious cycle the local residents of the city called 'the Game of Houses.'

Jason Lannister, a prominent gold cloak commander and a cousin of House Lannister of Lannisport was a thoroughly respected man throughout the city, having curbed crime and seen to increasing the stability of the city. For all the undoubted virtues of the man, he was flawed, as well. Reports say he was easy to bribe, and that he was often seen in winesinks around the city, dealing in whores and gambling profusely.

Though it is unknown when Damon Lannister, heir apparent to Casterly Rock approached Ser Jason, it is speculated to have happened as early as 194 AC, when onlookers spotted hooded men going to meet with him.

The details are not known of their meeting, but this much is clear: Ser Jason spoke often vulgarly towards those he disliked, and his cousin, Lord Tytos Lannister of Lannisport was amongst those he disliked the most. Though not openly in revolt, Tytos cited the only reason he kept him as being, 'I do not want to upset the fragile balance of this city.'

It only seemed to anger him further, Maester Lancel of Lannisport wrote. And on the morn of the fourth day of the fifth moon of 196 AC, Lannisport's gates were closed, it's dock seized, following reports that Lord Damon Lannister had evaded capture in Casterly Rock.

Day One Edit

Though Lord Jason hadn't expected the plot to come through so quickly, it should be noted that as soon as he got word, he assembled all those Redcloaks loyal to him, and took control of the city. Those disloyal - instead loyal to Lord Tytos, under the command of Oswald Kenning, a lower ranking officer of the redcloaks, sought to protect the Lannisport family by assembling and holding his men close to the Lannisport manse. He did not fail, though his men were disorganised and unready for such a battle. No man in their right mind could've speculated a split between the redcloaks of Lannisport.

Lord Jason spent the day consolidating his reach throughout the city, seizing important landmarks such as the sept, the incomplete academy, the docks and walls. By now, Jeanne Lannister had heard of the battle, and sent a small force to lay siege to the city. As well, Casterly Rock's naval power was assumed, and blockaded the city from further reinforcement.

Day Two Edit

Small skirmishes occurred on the city's innermost borders, resulting in some casualties. The brutality at which Jason sent his men upon those of Ser Oswald was legendary. He was cited to have lured men under Oswald's command into houses, only to burn them down moments later with explosive powder kegs.

Though it was unknown at the time, Ser Jason was playing for time, hoping on Lord Crakehall's support from the south. Help would inevitably come, but not at a insignificant cost. After a series of pitches skirmishes, Jason ordered his men to an all-out attack against the fortified loyalist positions. Though losses were severe, and the smell of rot permeated the city for weeks afterwards, the attack was successful in breaching two of the four lines Ser Oswald had set up to keep the Lannister family safe.

Tytos Lannister was present for the battle, and oversaw much of his underling's success, but to no avail. He was slain at the end of a pike towards the end of the battle, and his death oversaw the total morale loss of him and Ser Oswald's armies. Ser Oswald was captured and kept alive, his rank and title stripped, and shamed before the disloyal redcloaks as a sign of humiliation.

Perhaps the bloodiest of all was the storming of the Lannister manse itself, an unfortified position at the top of Lannisport's largest hill. It was a battle more akin to a massacre, Maester Lancel writes. Several guardsmen were slain - those remaining loyal to the Lannisters all but fodder for the coming mobs.

What followed could be described as nothing short of terrible. Household knights, women and children; servants, pages, and anyone who stood in Lord Jason's path were cut down. His intention was not to slay the members of House Lannister of Lannisport, as he had assured many of his redcloaks that he would not order a kinslaying. Instead, he had intended to keep them as hostages and bartering tools against Lady Jeanne.

He succeeded and failed in two regards. In the fighting, Myrcella Lannister, a girl of seven, was killed during the fighting. Though the assailant is unknown, what is known is that she was killed mercilessly with a crossbow bolt through the neck, whilst her elder sister clung to her.

Lord Jason captured the remainder of the family: Celia Lannister and Lady Rosamund, and offered them comfort in her grief. He had promised them safe conduct, and allowed them access to their chambers while he planned out what he would do next.

Day Three and the Remainder of the Battle Edit

In the morning fog, two ships snuck out from the Lannister barricade that had prevented them from reinforcements. Unbeknownst to everyone in Lannisport, the two ships held Rosamund and Celia respectively, headed for Crakehall. With Lord Jason's power in Lannisport nearing absolute, two of his own officers revolted - Lannisters as well, of a distant line, who claimed that he would not stop until he saw everyone who challenged him dead. Certain that Celia and Rosamund would not, the two officers used this justification in rallying their own men against the Lord Commander.

What followed was a complete and total revolt that lasted for weeks. Brother fought against brother, sister against sister. Large parts of the city were burnt down, and redcloaks would cut down anyone in sight, if they did not carry their banner. The city was divided into six parts, each rival bands fighting against one another.

The destruction was absolute, and when an officer of the Redcloaks finally allowed the Lannister army into the city, the damage had been done. Lord Jason had been found dead with a crossbow to the neck, and several important noble families had been extinguished. Order was established with Lord Gerion Lannister's aid, who oversaw a recovery of the city for the remainder of the war.