A pin is one of the many forms the symbol of the office of the Hand can take. Some choose chains, others clasps, others still, pins. All bear the familiar image of a hand.

The small council is a small group of advisers which advises the King of the Seven Kingdoms on matters of policy and their areas of expertise. Aegon I Targaryen relied on councillors after being crowned, but it was not until the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen that the small council was formalized.

The council is headed by the king, the only one who can make the council's decisions into law. In his absence, the role falls to the Hand of the King or the regent if the king is too young.

The council members are appointed and dismissed by the king as he wills, a right freely used during times of war and strife. However, it seems that traditionally the council consists of seven permanent members, after the Andal traditions and the Faith of the Seven. The seven traditional positions (and their underlings) are as follows:

  • Hand of the King
    • Captain of the Hand's Guard
    • Steward
  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Master of Coin - head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom.
    • Keeper of the Books: Lucamore Smallwood
    • Harbourmaster of King's Landing
    • Keepers of the Keys
    • King's Counter
    • King's Scales
  • Master of Laws - oversees law and justice for the kingdom.
    • High Reeve
    • High Bailiff
    • King's Justice
    • Justicair
  • Master of Whisperers - the spymaster, and the head of intelligence.
    • Informants and spies
  • Master of Ships - oversees the navy.
    • Commander of the Sea Watch
    • Royal Shipwright
    • Royal Captains
  • Grand Maester - head adviser on matters of lore and wisdom.

Although a council seems to always have these seven members, it may include additional members as advisors.

The Small Council Edit

Under Daeron I Targaryen Edit

  • Hand of the King
    • Viserys Targaryen [136AC - 172AC]
    • Succeeded by Ambrose Butterwell [172AC - 186AC]
    • Succeeded by Aenys Targaryen [186AC - 197AC]
    • Succeeded by the current Hand [197AC - Present]
  • Grand Maester
  • Master of Coin
    • Morgan Hightower [Unknown - 178AC]
    • Succeeded by Robar Grafton [178AC - 182AC]
    • Succeeded by Jon Westerling [182AC - 183AC]
    • Succeeded by Albar Blurson [184AC - Present]
  • Master of Ships
    • Jacaerys Velaryon [Unknown - 182AC]
    • Succeeded by Wallace Manderly [182AC - 186AC]
    • Succeeded by Jacaerys Velaryon [186 - 194AC]
  • Master of Laws
    • Josmyn Mooton [Unknown - 185AC]
    • Succeeded by Edric Wylde [185AC - 199AC]
    • Succeeded by Adrian Rosby [199AC - 200AC]
    • Succeeded by Harbert Penrose [200AC - 200AC]
  • Master of Whisperers
    • Alaric Darklyn [Unknown - 185AC]
    • Succeeded by Mallador Horpe [185AC - 187AC]
    • Succeeded by Jasper Lothston [187 - 192AC]
    • Succeeded by Emberlei Bolton [200AC - Present]
  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
    • Aemon the Dragonknight [157AC - 187AC]
    • Succeeded by Gwayne Corbray [187AC - 190AC]
    • Succeeded by Eustace Vance [190AC - Present]

Under Jaehaerys II Targaryen Edit

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