• Greetings, Lord Blurson!

    I am Raymont/Stubernads. Recently, I received an email alert about an edit to the Raymont Baratheon page, which used to be a roleplay character of mine from a couple years ago.

    Have you ever heard of the AWOIAF Role Play reddit page, from where this wiki originates? If not, would you like me to tell you? Something tells me it might be right up your alley.

    Regards, Raymont

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    • Sure since you are still around, don't mind free information.

      Seeing the end of the "presumed project" would be a plus friend.

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    • Right on! Well, this AWOIAFRP is a story-based roleplaying forum on reddit. This wiki was for the lore and characters that all of the moderators/players/writers created. As you have seen, this was based on an alternate history scenario formed around Baelor the Blessed. This scenario went on for several months, until eventually the group started over with a new scenario, where Edric Storm was legitimized. I wasn't around for that one, but I don't think it lasted very long.

      A third scenario began over a year ago, and is still going. If I recall correctly, it was a Young Griff & Dany scenario, where they retake Westeros together. I was the original Stark player in that one, but I chose to kill him off during a planned timejump. But he was one of my favorite characters to have written.

      Anyways, there is a whole group of writers from around the world that storytell together over at the AWOIAF RP reddit page. It is an insanely fun way to do fan fiction within Westeros with people who love the world GRRM created. You should definitely check them out. They have a discord channel linked on their main page, and will enthusiastically answer any of your questions should you choose to pay them a visit. If you do, tell them Raymont sent you.

      If you don't, have fun poking around the old wiki pages. There are some very cool stories hidden around here.


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    • Thanks for letting me know,Raymont!

      Curiously enough to I had already checked some pages mentioned (excluding the Edric is legitimate one) and really striked me as good attempts of creating a non-typical asoiaf storyline,of course with all their "Mary Sue" problems and lazy narrative at times but good stuff takes time and everybody falls in that at some point.

      Still think of this timeline as spicier not being a mere continuation of Canon,its early start was what attracted me to insert my content here.

      But regardless,I'll pay them a visit at some point and check for myself what was the ending you guys gave to the Plot.

      Hopefully the Targs do not remain in the throne on this one...


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