• The "tittle" of Elder is a relic of long time past,always important on the culture of the Mazemakers since the times of King Birold "The Maker" himself its role has drastically changed since the Scouring of Lorath and Erreg's departure.

    Once an appointed Elder could be selected according to the deeds the gentleman (or sometimes ladies) did for the community or on a noble's case on his own ascendancy,the major honor for an Elder was to take part in the Sacred Council of Elders responsible of electing the ruler of the Ancient Kingdom of Lorath.

    Only a member the Noble Houses of the Kingdom could be appointed King of Lorath and Legacy of the Mazemakers, tittles beared mostly by House Blurson specially after the Scouring.

    On the other hand on the Blue Kingdom in the North of Westeros used this tittle on a different way,being appointed Elder nowadays is similar to the roles of Knighthood,charged with the preservation of the Maze Spirits and the people of the Stony Shore and Sea Dragon Point, sometimes Elders are delegated land by Noble Houses, creating scions known as "Elderly houses",this promoved by the Blue Kings for a more efficient administration of the land in the old Kingdom up to the 298 AC.

    This reform applies to the hereditary tittle of Erreg's blood "Eternal Elder",man who did see the faults of the old Sistem,as the Order of Masters and Scholars  usually say it was the old Elective Sistem that contribute to the old Kingdom's stagnant nature and lack of stability as when all nobles had the possibility of being elected corruption, intrigue and disrespect ruled on the council sometimes not taking their job seriously or putting puppet rulers that satisfied their aim as being Kingmakers dated their heads with arrogance and grandeur, saving a legacy nearly rotten by Qarlon's Claim or the tyranny of the old council.

    As the Andals and the Mazemakers must have hated each other but for all their contact they acquired crucial point to both their cultures.

    A continued line of rulers also helped in a competitive and an active history on the lands of the North, remember the past create but also learn how to destroy.

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    • Council of Elders: Created by the Elder High King Birold "The Maker" was formed by 14 relevant 7 men/ 7 women(after contact with Boash Priests and Sarnori Society) that had distinguished themselves in several aspects of society,military,religion,rulership, healing or even is said in the case of honorary members as the Jhogwin were said to be the only ones. All of the components had to go through "The Rite of Eldership" starting at the age of 25 that meant doing several Trials of Bravery,Wisdom,Cunning, Leadership and Morality, granting status or even parcels of Land or rank on the several territories of the Kingdom. Tasked to supervise and give counsel to the High King of Lorath,their word is highly respected and they should be immune to any violence,as attaching the council's base was said to be a great tabu on Lorathi Society similar to the High Kings or Religious Leaders,as one of the pillars of the Kingdom they must be view as essential. Weekly reunions were carried out between the Council and the respective High King and advisors. Nowadays he Council of Elders is dead on the Blurson territories of The North but the Eldership rites are recreated each times a new minor noble is named by the Lords of the Land,now a ceremonial occurrence many Stony Shore citizens still hold them high in esteemed. If an ancestor is named Elder the descendents may hold into it unless a great dishonour is committed, The tittle of Great Elder is often associated with the rank of Landed Knight in the south or Master in the North. One of the tittles hold by the Blurson Ruler is "Eternal Elder" a reference to the importance the Blurson Dinasty has had on the birth of this aspect of Mazemaker culture.

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