• The followers of Boash held the belief that all life was sacred and eternal. They further believed that all on earth were equal creatures of god; men and women, lords and peasants, rich and poor, slave and master, and even man and beast.

    Part of their doctrine was the extreme abnegation of the self, for only by freeing themselves of vanity could men hope to become one with the godhood. Thus, the Boash'i put aside their own names and spoke of themselves as "a man" or "a woman", rather than say "I" or "me". This habit of speech endures in Lorath to this day, where the nobility regards it as terribly vulgar to speak of one's self directly.

    Ideology that combined with the equality of The Old Kingdom of Sarnor has contributed to the creation of modern Mazemaker culture,Corruption and dishonour are seen as one of the worst affronts a man can commit,as life is sacred as is the will of men betraying the rules that make you who you are lead to hard consequences one cannot wholly forgive or forget.

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