• It is confirmed that tittles Qarlon hold like "King of all Andals" were a strategy by the local priesthood in order to win influence with each victory Qarlon achieved defeating their old religious rivals who according to sources of the era,were "barbarians waited to be eliminated by the light of the seven",such is that with Qarlon's conquest of Loraysson a Great Sept was said to have been build one intended to be a reference to all Andals of the World, destroying the ancient holy mazes of the isle and doing a great purge of believers around the time.

    The Maze Spirit followers in retaliation are said to have gotten closer than ever with the priests of Boast,combining several aspects of the Blind God's creed to the Maze's,this actually explains today how Boash became a member of the Spirit pantheon. Other recorded sources speak about holy Warriors that raided the seat of worship and settlements of the Seven, giving sacrifice to this ancient deities on the laberynths.

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