Prince Trebor Nymeros Martell, known simply as Trebor Martell, is the current head of House Martell, the Prince of Dorne, and the Lord of Sunspear. Having succeeded his father in 179 AC, aged fifteen, Trebor has ruled Dorne for the past two decades.

Character and Appearance Edit

Tall and thin, Trebor is an athletic man with no particular proclivity towards the martial aspects of life. He is lean yet decently muscled, and his olive skin is a testament to his bloodline. He has brown eyes and brown hair, which he wears long and brushed back behind his head. He is usually found clean shaven, but sometimes sports a very slight beard.

Trebor is a kind and caring man, and a more than able ruler. He has lead a prosperous Dorne for over two decades, and is a beloved figure in his country. There are some who would describe him as tedious and overly patient, however - a man who prefers idle walks and long talks to most.

History Edit

Trebor was born in the year 163 AC as the eldest of two children to the ruling Prince of Dorne, Maron Martell, and his wife, Lady Delonne Allyrion. The newborn babe was named for his uncle, Trebor, who had ruled Dorne for but a few hours during Daeron Targaryen's Conquest of Dorne.

At age seven, Trebor was sent to page for his uncle, the Lord of Godsgrace. Lord Allyrion was a patient and scholarly man, and so Trebor's studies took a natural leaning towards academia, governance, and history. He was tutored in the use of the sword and shield, lance and bow, but he never found himself excellent at any one, nor overly fond of them.

When Trebor was still fifteen and at Godsgrace, news arrived of his parents passing in a wreckage at sea. Trebor was now the Prince of Dorne, and thus cut his time with his mother's family short. A few months later, Trebor came of age and assumed his seat outright. He surrounded himself with able advisors and learned a great deal from them.

Trebor married within his first year of governance, to Mariah Blackmont, who became pregnant with their first child that same year. However, during the birth, Mariah miscarries and cannot recover from the damage done to her in the process. Young and in grief, Trebor couples with Mariah's older sister Lorezah, the wife of the Lord of Starfall. Vorian Sand was born of the tryst, forever earning Trebor the resentment of houses Dayne and Blackmont.

Trebor eventually remarried, to Larra Fowler of Skyreach. Together the pair had four children: Maron, Olyvar, Mariah, and Ashara. When war breaks out in the Seven Kingdoms, Trebor keeps Dorne out of the conflict, though can do little to prevent minor incidents along the border regions. Such incidents have blighted his reign, yet remain infrequent and are dealt with swiftly.

Recent Events Edit

News arrived in Planky Town in the late months of the year 200 AC of King Daeron Targaryen's death and the soon-to-follow coronation of his grandson, Prince Jaehaerys. Prince Trebor made plans to send his bastard to King's Landing in secret, as an envoy to the new king. Meanwhile, the people of Dorne eventually learn of the news, and mass celebrations break out across the country.