Ser Tytis Arryn is the current Co-Regent of the Vale, and Heir-presumptive to the Eyrie. Born to Addel Arryn and Catelyn Arryn in 176. His brother Artys Arryn became Lord of the Eyrie in 200, when their father, Addel, died.

With the coronation of a new king, Artys was named the new Master of Laws, and commanded Tytis and Ser Robar Royce to ride back for the Eyrie and serve as Co-Regents while Artys is in the capital.

Apperance Edit

Tytis is somewhat tall, of 6'3". His body is of a lean and muscular build. His hair is cut short and black, as he never liked having long hair. His eyes are a cold and stormy grey. By Westerosi standards, he would be considered moderately attractive.

Personality Edit

Tytis is honorable and fiercely loyal to friends and family. His honor does know limits however, as he is willing to do what he has to do to ensure the safety of his family and friends. Despite what his eyes give off, Tytis is warm, friendly, and charismatic, able to find a friend in most. He is beloved by the smallfolk he comes across. Most would say that Tytis is overall a good guy.

Along with that, Tytis possesses a brilliant mind, and when he was younger, many thought that he would go on to join the maesters. He posesses a free soul, and is generally light-hearted.

Although he follows the Faith of the Seven, Tytis had never been paticularly religous, making his faith in the Seven casual in a way.

History Edit

Squirehood Edit

Tytis served Ser Valryn of Gulltown as a squire. Ser Valryn was a long time friend of Tytis's father, Lord Addel. Ser Valryn taught Tytis to be humble, and on how to serve Artys as a good brother and advisor when he inherits the Eyrie.

When the year 188 rolled around, Prince Baelon Targaryen arrived to be trained and raised at the Eyrie. Tytis befriended him, as did Artys and Lucy.

Both Ser Valryn and Tytis participated in the battle against the Sons of Stone. Tytis served truly, valiantly, and faithfully, but he was not knighted, unlike his brother Artys, who was.

Continuing onwards until 191, Tytis remained at court in the Eyrie, continuing his friendship with Prince Baelon, and his siblings, but generally keeping to himself.

In 191, with Tytis at the age of 15, Ser Valryn decides to take Tytis on an adventure through Westeros. Their journey takes two years, and they adventure through the Vale, the Riverlands, the Crownlands, the Westerlands, and the Reach.

During the two year adventure, Tytis saved Ser Valryn from a strong warrior commanding an outlaw group in the Riverlands, which results in Ser Valryn knighting Tytis, and deciding on returning home.

Returning Home Edit

In 193, when Tytis arrives back at home, he is 17, and considered a man in the eyes of god and men He returns home to Prince Baelon gone from the Eyrie, an infirm father, an older brother constantly travelling around the Vale stopping in the Eyrie every once in a while, and a sister who is growing increasingly knowledged on the goings of court and the duties of a lady.

Tytis spends the next 5 years in the Eyrie, assisting with whatever duties his father could not do and effectively running the Vale alongside Artys and Lucy. During this time, Tytis learns the art of healing and other medical skills.

Coronation of Jaehaerys II. Edit

In 200 AC, Tytis's father passed away from an illness, and Artys officially becomes the Lord of the Eyrie and Lord Paramount of the Vale.

With the death of King Daeron, Tytis along with Artys and Lucy attended the Coronation of King Jaehaerys II. In King's Landing, Artys is named Master of Laws, and Tytis alongside Ser Robar Royce are named the Co-Regents of the Vale while Artys is in King's Landing.

A plot involving the attempted slander of Tytis's sister, Lucilla, was uncovered soon in Tytis's time at King's Landing. Tytis was furious to hear of the slander.

Relationships Edit

Artys Arryn Edit

Tytis and Artys hold a typical older brother to younger brother relationship. Although Tytis is not as close to Artys as Artys is to Lucy, Tytis is still closely knit with Artys. Artys had always been the more serious one, as he was the one that had to take care of a majority of the lordly duties after their father was confined to the Eyrie. Tytis on the other hand was much more free, and more light-hearted. Their relationship still is quite serious though, and they are both loyal to each other, and love each other.

Lucilla Arryn Edit

Tytis fiercely loves Lucilla, just as he does Artys. Contrary to Tytis and Artys' relationship which is more serious, Tytis and Lucilla's relationship is lighthearted. Tytis cares for the safety and security of Lucilla, and wants her to have a good life.

Baelon Targaryen Edit

Although Tytis was never super close to Baelon as Artys was, Tytis is still good friends with him as a result from Baelon's time spent in the Eyrie.

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