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== Recent Events ==
== Recent Events ==
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Uleif 'The one handed' is the current Magnar of Thenn, since 196AC. He has ambitions to become King beyond the Wall.

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History Edit

  • 168AC - Second born son to the Magnar of Thenn, his elder brother Halvard being two years his senior. Uleif was given the nickname 'Ulf' as a bairn, due to the howling that he liked to haunt his parents with in the deep of the night.
  • 170AC - Uleif, having reached two years of age, receives his true name, prompting a small celebration by the people of Thenn for their Magnar's son surviving infancy.
  • 178AC - 'Borrowing' a spear each, Uleif and his older brother go to try their luck taking down an adolescent bear that had been spotted roaming too close to their lands. After being knocked out by the bear, Uleif's elder brother ran away from the animal thinking him dead, and informing their father that the two of them had been playing when the bear had attacked them. After being left in the mountains by his older brother, Uleif awoke to the bear snuffing around him, though seemingly passive. The animal allowed Uleif to leave, for no apparent reason.
  • 182AC - Uleif takes his first life - that of his brother. Awakens his skinchanging ability in his dreams.
  • 185AC - Uleif loses his hand to a ranger of the nights watch. The beginning of his dream to become King beyond the wall and take vengeance against the black for maiming him.
  • 188AC - Uleif spends time among other free folk tribes, filling out his knowledge of the common tongue and planting the seeds of his future goals.
  • 189AC - Steals his wife from a free folk settlement, prompting a never ending tirade of one handed insults from her from that day forward.
  • 190AC - Birth of Harbjorn, Uleif's son.
  • 192AC - Uleif first consciously discovers his skinchanging ability, with the great bear Arn as his companion. Birth of Sigrunn.
  • 196AC - The death of the Magnar in a raid results in Uleif inheriting, and has to put down a number of warlord free folk with eyes on his title. Birth of Einer
  • 199AC - Birth of Geir
  • 201AC - With the Thenn secure, Uleif begins to truly pursue his dream of a united free folk army to crush the southerners.

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