Valena Yronwood is a scion of House Yronwood. She was previously married to Edgar Blackmont until the time of his death.

Appearance Edit

Valena is the perfect avatar for any goddess of fertility, she has a full and voluptuous figure. She has dark brown hair that was inherited from her mother’s Sandy Dornish appearance, Valena has rich earthy brown eyes and full silken pillowy lips. She stands at five foot and eight inches and prefers to dress in form fitting Dornish Dresses that accentuate her womanly curves.

Edgar's unfortunate event Edit

Her first marriage was arranged by her father to a cousin from the main branch of House Blackmont. His name was Edgar Blackmont, or as he was often called Edgar the sweet. The boy was younger than Valena and eager to please, he knew the marriage meant a great deal to the families, it would offer a unique alliance between the northern Dornish houses for the foreseeable future.  After the wedding between Edgar and Valena, it appeared to be fine on the surface though Valena had already grown bored with her young husband. He was sweet, undoubtedly but he wasn’t exciting, he was not a Knight though she assumed to have him knighted someday, she asked that he prove his love and his bravery to her.

The Dragonhunt had ended in AC 197 and in 199 Valena asked for her new husband to show how brave and capable he was. To demonstrate his love and devotion to her, she asked him to slay the beast. She hired “dragon-slayers” a band of ten sellswords who were in village of Yronwood to accompany Edgar into the Red Mountain to slay the beast. He did of course make it to the massive black dragon, he never landed a single blow on the monster however. He ended up a quick meal for Cannibal, the dragon feasted on the other dragon-slayers, save one. That one man made his way back to Yronwood and explained with great deal the horrendous event he had witnessed. Valena would mourn her husband for a mere two weeks after his death, she would return to wearing vibrant colors, being quoted as saying “Black isn’t my color.” When asked why.

Family Edit

Valena loves her Knightly cousinJon, she even loves his companion Bran and goes out of her way to shelter their relationship from any that may seek to harm them. She knows that if there is ever northern influence in Dorne that the young love of Jon and Bran could be treated more harshly so it is even more imperative that she defends Yronwood from invasion of those who would seek to destroy.

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