house words: By sword and shield.

Timeline 176AC: Born to Efron and Tesha Magnar

180 AC: learns how to rule his castle

185AC: Became a squire for his uncle Cyrus Magnar learned to weld the short sword and other blades

186AC: older uncle Malric goes to fight in black water and is declaired missing presumed dead.

1 89 AC: Gained weapons mastery with the short sword, and learns a secondary weapon polearms, the glave. Also met Damion Phyers (Auxiliary Character) and became sparring partners, and eventually good friends.

196AC:sister Yarah is born.

197AC sister Arrei is born. uncle Cryus weds cousin Eylaine Rok (d.199 winter sickness)

198AC: mother Tesha passes while birthing his sister Nyrah and her twin sister Ylaine.

Ylaine passes away at three days old . His father is found serverly beaten and robbed coming back from Whitehall and passes the following month. neice Aliesha is born.

198AC : Father Efron dies Yven becomes lord at age 22

199AC: Finds a strange looking rusted curved tipped sword in a hollow of a dead tree,while on a stag hunt.Names the sword Forsaken .

200AC: uncle cryus is missing in a shipping acident .